Turning the Page and Looking Forward

Turning the Page and Looking Forward

There is not a lot that needs to be said about 2020. We all have our own stories. It's time to look ahead.

What's Trending In Real Estate

There continues to be a high demand for Maine's lifestyle. It certainly has been a driving factor in the local real estate market. Interesting to note, this fall about 33% of the sales came from out of state which also explains the leap in pricing.

The old saying "Maine the way life should be" holds truer than ever. Look for real estate to continue to enjoy gains in prices and units sold as the housing market wrestles with new norms.

Relative to the larger economy, in Maine and nationwide there is a sense of cautious optimism. I have not read much that tells me differently.

• Be alert to the progress that brings Covid-19 under some control

• Couple that with improved job & employment numbers

• Look for "historically low" interest rates to continue

• Expect the economic stimulus measures to take hold

• Housing will see continued growth in pricing driven by low supply & higher demand

• Inventory will remain tight

• Traditional buying & selling seasonal patterns may be less defined

• "Remoting" has changed the functionality requirements people desire in a home

• Clouds on the horizon could be inflation and entry level affordability

• The "wild card" change in tone and leadership

It's an ever changing world...

Recent events speak to that !

Welcome to 2021 ...

Make it your best !

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