20% Senior Discount

20% Senior Discount

Seniors Love Silver

Camden Hills Realty Offers a 20% Discount to Senior Citizens

Camden Hills Realty is marketing a 20% discount to Senior Citizens. The terms of the offer is limited to Camden Hills’ primary markets (Camden, Lincolnville, Northport and Belfast).

The 20% discount applies to the commission expense on the listing side of the transaction only. The commission due and discount are based on the final sales price of the home.

The commission due on the buyer side of the transaction will be as outlined in the listing agreement and as displayed and offered in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

This is a limited time offer subject to change where a listing agreement to promote the sale of your home must be in place with Camden Hills Realty on or before year end.

To further qualify, you must be 65 years of age or older and hold proper title to the property.

In addition, the assessed value of value must exceed $125,000, as determined by the assessor office, to quality for the program.

The promotional discount applies to single-family residential structures only.

Interested seniors can contact John Burgess by E-mail at burgess@camdenhillsrealty.com or visit our web site at www.camdenhillsrealty.com.   

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